2GO - 1 bottles of 0.551 lb and 1 bottle of 1.88 Ib

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Whoops! What's the magic about?

You just have to spread it in a zigzag way and wait a couple of minutes to let the magic of Whoops! do the work of absorbing the liquid and it will transform into a dry gel, easy to remove with a broom or a vacuum cleaner.
Last step, take the collect direct to the garbage. NEVER IN THE DRAIN. 
It is easy, fast and  a MAGIC way of a clean and getting a dry surface with a great citrus scent.


Whoops - 1 bottles of 0.551 lb  and 1 bottle of 1.88 Ib

Features & Benefits

1. Solidifies approximately in 3 min (time varies in the amount of product and liquid spilled)

2. Can be brush or vacuumed.

3. Leaves a dry textured scent.

4. To collect eg. urine, vomit, diarrhea.